About Us - Tupex Group
About Us

“On this tough road which we set out for as TUPEX we are walking ahead with determined steps conscious of the responsibilities undertaken by our company. Our goal is to combine this consciousness with our experience and diligence in order to offer our customers the highest quality of services within Turkey’s borders and abroad.”  We are pretty much aware that time is very valuable. No compensation can ever appraise time. Therefore cognizing management of time and using this management correctly within the business life becomes one of our basic principles.

We and our professional permanent staff offer limitless services at diverse sectors regarding product consultancy, purchasing services and procurements.

Our most important subject of activity is to provide a wide product range through contacting the producers directly in each and every region in Turkey in order to correspond to the importers demands.

From this perspective our costumers will find the reliable, fast and right answers to their demands. Those demands will get limitless respond as for the suitable price, qualified products and on time delivery services.   

Our mission

To lay on our mission correctly is more important rather than describing it. If you’re not aware of the mission you’re handling then you can’t reflect it adequately.   

Our company preferred to aim its mission towards a wide horizon with a wide imagination sticking together with wit and logic instead of transforming itself into templates. Forasmuch as wit and logic can not be shaped with by templates.     

So instead of describing a mission we use this important phrase.

“You must put the correct hand under the correct rock.” This catching phrase became our philosophy. Not any costumer but only the right one became the quintessence of our principle.

Our vision

As the communication tools are presenting limitless and diversified services it turned out the whole world into a small village. In this case we chose knowing our neighbors well and consider them friendly while kindly evaluating their requests as a principle.   

The importance of trust among international trade affairs is so obvious that we expect to become your trust at all fields.  

General Manager