Sanitary - Tupex Group

The basic principle of TUPEX sanitary, which takes firm steps forward, is to meet the needs of you, our dear customers, at the right time with high-quality products making no concessions on quality and thus to inspire confidence and ensure business friendship.

Keeping up with the dynamic structure of the times and being open to changes and innovations, our company completed all of its studies in the course of time for the purpose of enhancing quality and extending its product range and was certified with TS EN200 - TS EN817 - TS EN331 - TS EN3147 - TS3148 - TS579, ISO 9001-2000 certificates.

TUPEX sanitary, which aims at quality in European standards and adopts unconditional customer satisfaction as a principle with the understanding of meticulous production, has rapidly expanded its market share both at home and abroad and made a respectable name for itself in Europe and Middle East.

The primary target of our company, which is in service in the field of facets, is to contribute to our national economy and thus fulfill its responsibilities to the environment and the society and to meet customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our company would like to thank all of its friends and employees who have pulled their weight since the day when it was established in the light of the above-mentioned principles and those who market and use our products in confidence.

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