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The main distinction between TUPEX home and its competitors is the great importance attached by the brand to design concepts. Our biggest expectation and desire is towards having a future with an unprecedented freedom in design approaches. The originality stemming from this freedom and the spirit of design will naturally sustain TUPEX home’s place as a leading brand. This can be summarized as the design of the products in accordance with purpose and functionality, cost-effective manufacturing, quality production and being affordable thus, being able to reach the target market.

The principle of creativity is being able to stay up to date, despite the passing time and ever-changing trends. Experiences and acquired knowledge will not reflect unto the product, thus the product will not find its identity, unless it occurs to the creative mind. Furniture is not only about design, functionality, comfort and visual approval, but also about being able to create affordable and quality products with modern technologies. Furniture take an important place in our lives as all-purpose items with their designs in which plain, simple lines as well as colorful, patterned features are in harmony.