Industrial - Tupex Group

TUPEX industrial, always aims to produce products for the customer who are after increased efficiency along with minimized use of natural resources and environmental friendly products.

In order to contribute into the competitiveness of our country by using the latest technology, know-how and the expertise experiences, our mission is to produce the premium quality, highest efficiency and environmental friendly products for the main industrial corporations.  

TUPEX industrial, for the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of our valued customers. We use the prime technology in our sector.

We collaborate with high technology manufacturers by reducing their costs and increasing their competitiveness along with rising their quality and efficiency and solution for their environmental friendly final products.

We fully do support our customers from the planning to the mass production stages by using technology, know-how and all of our expertise experiences.

Our vision is to become one of the best producer in our sector of our country in terms of capacity, usage of technology and the customer satisfaction.

Internationally we want to be the first preferred source in the competitiveness of the global sector because of our quality, costing, efficacy, efficiency and in time delivery we provide.