Pipe - Tupex Group

TUPEX pipe  is one of the world’s largest plastic piping systems manufacturers. The company develops, produces and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in a variety of material used worldwide to transport water and gas at the highest quality. Service and the right price. TUPEX pipe operates in three core segments of piping systems ; building technology , utility and Agriculture its certified products are used in many countries in worldwide.

Our Quality Policy

In our company,  production in accordance with the standards and offer the product in the most rapid way to the customer is considered as quality.  Our goal is to continuously provide triangle of quality, service and right price to our customers with a joint effort by the whole organization.

Our policy is to be a well known company all over the world producing trustworthy and high quality products.

Our quality certificates

We manufacture our products according to the European and Turkish (equivalent to European standards) standards

Our Environment Policy

- To get under control and decrease the environmental effects which arise or will arise because of our production activities

- Effectively use the raw material, energy and natural sources for decreasing the wastage.

- Pay attention to use the recyclable raw materials for reclaiming the wastes.

- For measuring the effectiveness of our Environment Management System, we are making regular and periodic inspections. If necessary, we begin the correctional activities and we are always open to improvements.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

- For a sustainable future open to improvements, create healthy and safe work environment for our employees and to protect their health and safety considering current Occupational Health and Safety regulations and other requirements.

- Try to leave less waste by taking into consideration the environmental effects of our product and process designs.

- Prefer technologies which is effectively used with natural sources and reduce the risks of Occupational Health and Safety.

- Organize trainings for raising the Occupational Health and Safety awareness of our employees.